I have been fascinated with photography ever since my father let me use his old camera several years ago during a trip to the United Kingdom. Since then, capturing the world around me has been a major part of my life. On February 5th 2009 I was searching for something to help me rethink the way I approached photography and challenged myself to post a new photo every day on facebook for a year. This daily challenge took me far beyond the one year goal I set for myself. I am still adding to my “Photo a Day” project and I do not plan on ending it anytime soon. Photography is now a vital part of my life and I am constantly discovering more about my camera through daily use.

Wildlife is a subject dear to me. Growing up in Florida has given me many opportunities to photograph native animals, such as alligators, flamingos, herons, sea turtles and others, in their natural environments. In the future, I hope to travel around the world and document a variety of exotic wildlife with my Olympus E-510. I also enjoy photographing people. Over the past year, I have done several portrait, engagement and wedding shoots. If you are interested in a photo shoot of any kind, please contact me by clicking here.

Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you enjoy my photos!

-Dane Gustafson