36.Beverlee Coggan(non-registered)
Love the website....beautiful.....just like your photos...... :)
35.Diana Gustafson(non-registered)
I really enjoyed looking at the "Photo a Day" slide show this morning with a steamy cup of coffee. (It is better than the Nature Channel). I have fond memories of watching you set up photo opportunities, like all the cocoons gathered on the screen porch for the "Emergence" photo. I imagine how your are finding all of those wonderful new photos. You make Georgia look very appealing.
Such amazing photos! I love your work, keep it up!
33.Ryan Prager(non-registered)
Great site and incredible pictures. Keep up the good work! I hope my own pictures improve by following your great examples of good photography.
32.Tyler McGrath(non-registered)
Wow! Your pictures are great! I love the one with the old gas station. Keep up the incredible artistry man.
31.steve d(non-registered)
Awesome sauce!
30.heidi madsen(non-registered)
The website looks great!! And your work is incredible as always! You have been blessed with some amazing talent.
29.Lydia Walker(non-registered)
I love all the pictures! And the new business cards look awesome!
28.Kathy Felder Powell
Big fan! Love the site,easy to navigate and really enjoy your work!
27.michael kumher(non-registered)
I enjoy most of your pictures.........I enjoy ALL of your pictures!!
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